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About Us

Girls to the Power of Math (G^M) is a Not-for-Profit organization based in BC, Canada. We provide FREE after-school programming for elementary school girls to boost their confidence in math through fun games and mentorship.

G^M was developed based off of the results from a study conducted by Alexa Bailey to evaluate whether confidence differs between genders over the course of elementary school. Results showed that girls’ confidence in math declines as they get older. 

Read the research report below to learn more.

Our Vision

Our vision is that early confidence in math will inspire a love of math and encourage more women to enter STEM related fields. 

Our Mission

We aim to give young girls confidence in their mathematical abilities, making a difference to close the gender gap in STEM!

Our Community

G^M relies on volunteers in order to keep the program free and accessible. Whether you are a parent or school hoping to bring G^’M to you, or a high school student interested in being a mentor or joining our operations team, click below to see how you can get involved today!


For Schools

Our research has shown that girls lose confidence in math in elementary school. Help us make a difference and inspire young girls to continue with math and science. 

For Mentors

Help us make a difference! Mentors gain leadership experience and contribute to addressing the gender gap in STEM. What our mentors say:

"By being a mentor I was able to help young girls flourish in math by building their confidence and showing them that math can be fun. It was an amazing experience."

For Parents

This program makes a real impact in girls' lives. Here is what a parent from a past program says:

"Please keep offering this kind of program! It's not just the confidence that Girls to the Power of Math offers, the mentorship of smart, kind young women in secondary and post secondary is so valuable to girls at this age. Seeing role models weekly ... the value is incalculable."

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